‘Using IBM Rational DOORS 9 for Requirements Engineering / Management / Development (including Verification & Validation, Risk Management, Safety …)’ Training


Training materials are in English, but trainings can be given in English, German/Deutsch, French/Français!

My training material is pretty extensive and covers as well (interfaces with) Verification & Validation (V&V) / Testing, Change and Configuration Management, Risk Management, Safety, ...  So, depending on the desired length of the training, we can discuss and agree focus, priorities, … and we can also use some consultancy hours to adapt and bring in your examples …


Some top-level information for the ‘Using IBM Rational DOORS 9 for Requirements Engineering/Management/Development’ Training:


•         ‘Introduction to Requirements Engineering / Management / Development & Writing better Requirements’ Training



I.-IV.      DOORS

Learning how to do it 😊

Lot of hands-on exercises.


And here a proposal for the agenda of the ‘Using IBM Rational DOORS 9 for Requirements Engineering/Management/Development’ Training:

I.         Hierarchical Structure of Requirements in DOORS:

Ø  I.1  DB, Users, Folders, and Projects

Ø  I.2  Documents as Formal Modules

Ø  I.3  Objects and Structure

II.       Information Content in DOORS:

Ø  II.1          Editing Data in Objects

Ø  II.2          Capturing and Displaying Additional Information via Attributes

Ø  II.3          Finding and Displaying the Data You Want to See

Ø  II.4          More on Views

Ø  II.5          Printing and Reports

III.     Links and Traceability:

Ø  III.1  Link Concepts

Ø  III.2  Link Modules and Linksets

Ø  III.3  Simple Tools for Creating / Deleting Links

Ø  III.4  Link Reporting

Ø  III.5  Advanced Linking Tools

IV.    Advanced Topics:

Ø  IV.1        [Prio high]           Attributes - advanced

Ø  IV.2        [Prio high]           History

Ø  IV.3        [Prio high]           Baselines

Ø  IV.4        [Prio low]            Folders / Projects / Modules (Advanced)

Ø  IV.5        [Prio low]            Access Rights

Ø  IV.6        [Prio medium]   OLE Objects, Pictures and Tables

Ø  IV.7        [Prio medium]   Import / Export

Ø  IV.8        [Prio low]            Backup and Data Exchange

Ø  IV.9        [Prio medium]   Suspect Links

Ø  IV.10      [Prio low]            Baseline Sets / Intelligent Traceability

Ø  IV.11      [Prio low]            Change Proposal System

Ø  IV.12      [Prio none]         Electronic Signatures

Ø  IV.13      [Prio low]            DXL


Please contact me if you have any questions, are interested in details, training / consultancy, want to offer a job opportunity, ...:  Bernd@Grahlmann.net

(last updated April 23rd, 2023)